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Want A Smarter Way To Get Fit?

Nordic Walking Is The Most Enjoyable Way To Get An Intense Workout… Without Pushing Yourself To The Limit


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What Is Nordic Walking?

Maybe you’re carrying a little bit too much weight and are worried about your health? Perhaps you have painful, stiff knees or a crook back that prevent you from exercising or walking? Or possibly you just want a better way to get fit enjoying the outdoors rather than slaving away in a gym. Whatever your situation, Nordic Walking is the perfect way to get fit and have fun at the same time.
So what is it exactly?
Well, Nordic Walking is a unique fitness method that involves walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create a low stress, total body workout. It is suitable for most people and can be done on almost any surface. Put simply it’s smarter walking! And at Nordic Walking Brisbane we can assist you to buy poles that suit your needs, and teach you how to use them properly. Our friendly and helpful staff will show you how to progress from a total novice to an accomplished Nordic Walker… quickly and easily.

    Why Go Nordic Walking?

    • Have Fun While Exercising:

      It's fun to learn and once you "get it", you won’t want to go walking without your poles anymore.

    • Improve your muscle Definition & Tone:

      Activates 90% of the body's muscles to build strength quickly.

    • Lose weight quickly:

      Burns more calories than regular walking.

    • Improve your cardiovascular system:

      Has a greater cardio fitness effect than regular walking.

    • A safer exercise alternative:

      Reduces weight-bearing load and impact on joints in the spine and legs.

    • No more gruelling workouts:

      Offers a more intense workout, but with less perceived exertion.

    • Helps back pain:

      Improves core stability, posture and spinal mobility to keep you feeling young & vibrant.

    • Improves your walking:

      You can improve your gait by using more trunk muscles and improving your flexibility and stride length.

    • Improves your balance:

      Assists people with balance and lower limb neurological conditions to walk with more security and confidence.

The Ultimate Fitness & Wellness Solution

  • Nordic Walking burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking, including a 20-25% higher cardio fitness effect.
  • Forget 10000 steps per day, with Nordic Walking you can burn the same amount of calories in only 7000 steps.
  • Nordic Walking is a very low impact, safe form of whole-body exercise. But importantly, you get an intense workout without it feeling like you’ve had one.
  • It is suitable for people with low fitness levels, right up to elite athletes.

Why hikers & bushwalkers should try nordic walking

  • Compared to ordinary walking, it is a more efficient way to build fitness for long hikes, treks, and bushwalks as it burns up to 46% more calories and provides a 20-25% higher cardio fitness effect.
  • The poles and technique are an evolutionary biomechanical improvement on standard hiking poles and technique, and you can also use them on grass, pavement, trails, sand and snow.
  • It is easier up hills, safer down hills, and comes with less forearm and hand fatigue because you don't have to grip the poles as hard.